August 2016

There is nothing written that marketing has to be hard nor boring.  On these pages we have called out some national days and major events taking place.  You can use these to create theme for your marketing or a special event.  You improve your marketing message when you can tie into what is taking place in your customers lifes or link with a fun maybe unusal event.  Your marketing will stand out better and gives you a reason for reaching out to your customers/clients/patients.

The upcoming Olympics are a great event to connect your marketing with.  You could send out a small toy medal to your top customers thanking them or to be used for discount if they bring them in.  I did this one year for a pizza business and over 20% where returned for the pizza special.  You can link your marketing with a local athlete or an particular Olympic event.  Who knew there was a National Lazy Day, I am not making it up?

2nd National Coloring Book Day
2nd National Night Out
5th - 21st Summery Olympics
7th National Kids Day
7th American Family Day
8th National Happiness Happens Day
10th National Lazy Day
13th National Filet Mignon Day
16th National Rum Day
17th National I Love My Feet Day
19th National Ice Cream Day
21st National Senior Citizen's Day
26th National Dog Day